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  • Do you have any vacancies?

    Our availability is constantly changing and even if we technically don’t have a room available right now, a lot can change between now and the time your Eastern Health Assessment is completed.

  • Do you have a wait list and how do I get added to the list?

    We are always getting inquiries from interested people like you.  After a tour and a complimentary consultation we would add you to our data base and would reach out to you regularly. Your priority on the list will depend on your Level of Care and the type of room you are requesting.

  • Are there government subsidies available to help me with the costs?

    Yes is the short answer.  In your complimentary consultation we will walk you through the subsidy requirements and application.

  • What Levels of care do you accept and how do I know what my level is?

    Your Level of Care is determined by Eastern Health during your assessment by a social worker.  We will help you setup the appointments necessary to be assessed.  We accept all levels of care up to and including Level II Enhanced.

  • How soon can I move in?

    We will work with you to expedite the assessment and referral process.  Once we get the green light from Eastern Health, move-ins can happen as early as that same day.

  • What amenities are included in my monthly rate?

    We are a full-service community, and our fees are all inclusive.  That means everything you need to live worry free.  That means heat, light, telephone, cable, laundry, cleaning, meals, snacks, recreation, personal care and medication administration (if required) are all included.

  • I received a letter from Eastern Health saying there are no vacancies at Heritage Square. What does that mean?

    That’s a form letter sent by Eastern Health.  It’s not accurate.  They do not have the full picture of our room availability at any given point in time.

  • I received a letter from Eastern Health saying I owe you a different amount than we talked about. What does that mean?

    That’s a form letter from Eastern Health that uses the base rate for a double shared room.  If you have chosen a different type of room, this letter will be incorrect.  The amount we discussed at our meeting is the correct amount.

  • What happens when my level of care changes?

    Your Eastern Health representative will meet with you often to assess your care needs. As they begin to evolve, your level of care might be adjusted to reflect any changes. Should you eventually reach Level 3, you will continue to live with us as normal until a place becomes available in Long-Term Care.